Monday, April 25, 2016

what happens in work place so many type of generation X

mostly at work place have 3 type of generation baby boomers, generation X and generation Y..

why have a different ideology at work place..
for positive think because want more creative and innovative..

but the negative side so many can be reasons...

another think

why generation X can't understand to generation Y

what ever generation Y do everything is wrong and their need clean up their name by the resignation letter..

why generation X always compare with the generation Y
generation Y don't like be compare each other or other generation their need your guide to became more than what do you have

what happen in one big company have so many generation X to compare Y and generation Y became less nobody want hear hurt felling...
so sad that situation...

different set of motivation
different set of concept

if generation X don't want understanding Y it became worst because their need each other....

but always people know


that word so bad...

throw ego and you can do everything